3 easy ways to kick start your Spectacular New Year


Feeling Spectacular means eating in a healthy way. Think through your food selections. Make your nutrition choices something worthy of the Spectacular life you will be living! That means you quit the all-day snacking. Stop reaching for the junk food. And forget about skipping meals. Feel better about your life by feeding your body better. Picture yourself in something SaSS-Y! (rather than sweatpants.)

Drink More!

Water that is. Replace some of the calories from juice, soda and alcohol. Fewer calories could mean weight loss. Which always makes us feel better. And feeling better is a big part of living a Spectacular life. Refocus on that SaSS-Y! image you generated earlier in this post.

Be Merry!

Can’t live a Spectacular life if you are wallowing in a negative attitude! Bust out of it! You decide how you feel about your circumstance. Turn that frown upside down. You don’t have to whistle a happy tune, but you do have to reframe your thinking. Find a joke, silly song or comical sit-com rerun to get your mood elevated each day.

You are well on your way to living 2021 in a Spectacular way! Reply to let me know what you are doing to move into the Spectacular you

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I am a lifelong introvert. I am in my sixties and enjoy living alone. And I want you to, as well. I began this blog in the hope of helping others feel more comfortable with limited interaction and lack of contact that was sure to continue throughout 2021.

Well, 2021 has rolled into 2022. And for many, there will not be a change in circumstance.  But my expectation is there has been a change in attitude.  For now, Sixty and Spectacularly Solo – Yes! is signing off. I sincerely hope you have embraced the SaSS-Y! mindset.  And for additional support, I offer this personal mantra from a Hallmark™ card:

Take good care and keep that SaSS-Y! air!

Those were the days!

I am experiencing a streak of nostalgia! In the last post I shared memories of cherished Sunday afternoon drives with my Grandfather, and the special treat he sometimes provided by stopping at Dairy Queen®.

This recalled another memory. A few years ago, I invited a dozen or so friends to join me in celebration of my birthday at the DQ® near my home. The store was usually not very busy on Saturday afternoons. So the date was set for lunch on the Saturday of my birth week.

It was my first opportunity to enjoy a DQ® cake and the manager could not have been more gracious while explaining the various options. He even offered to customize the decoration!

For me, a gathering is not really a party if there isn’t entertainment. So, entertainment I provided. Yo-yos, wheelies, spinning tops, whistles, bubble makers, kazoos, sketchers, and even miniature air hockey games.

We had a great time that afternoon. At least I did! So did the other customers as they observed my friends of all ages enjoy the trip down memory lane with me.

Sharing this memory with you is another way to show how SaSS-Y we each are in our unique way. You may not have sweet memories of Dairy Queen®. But you DO have fond memories.

Instead of dwelling on what we cannot do today, why not revive a distant memory that evokes thoughts of days past? Revel in them for a while. Resurrect them. Bring them momentarily back to life. Enjoy them again while you allow them to envelope you in the warmth they originally generated.

I think that is a pretty SaSS-Y! thing to do.


Photos: S. Richardson