Sixty and Spectacularly Solo – Yes!

Living alone doesn’t mean lonely.

I began this blog in the hope of helping others feel more comfortable with limited interaction and lack of contact that is sure to continue throughout 2021.

Coach Wanda McMullen

So many people are having a hard time adjusting to isolation.

I want to share thoughts and tips that will find you – at the end of the year, feeling you not only survived, but that you thrived.

A dear friend and I enjoyed music and concerts together. Sometimes coffee or lunch. Since March 2020, we have not been able to share the music together. No lunches, either. But we managed to have a few distance ‘coffees’. Two older women, sitting outdoors at a coffee shop. At least six feet apart, with masks on when we were not drinking.

A common theme emerged during our discussions: some people are lonely within their isolation. Having a hard time finding ways to make life more comfortable while waiting for life to return to normal. The sad fact: distance and isolation will continue to be the norm for quite a while. We also understand that being overwhelmed with anxiety and uncertainty make it difficult to see the sunshine through the clouds. Particularly for those living alone.

Thus, Sixty and Spectacularly Solo was born. And Yes! even the solo life can be joyful. Living alone does not mean lonely. Join the search for the spectacular moments!

Published by Coach Wanda McMullen

Executive Coach

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