Yes, 2021 is here and I am fully committed to making this a Spectacular year.

I’ve already embarked upon my NEW thing: winter gardening. I live in a high-rise. So a large garden is out of the question. I have some hanging boxes on the patio that sometimes have flowers in the summer. And try to keep some herbs in pots. The herb pots are indoors now. But I decided the hanging boxes would come to life this winter. 

On January 1st, I planted poppies. They do well in cooler temperatures and come in a variety of colors. Each morning I am eager to see if they made it through the cold night. I find that I am checking the weather reports a few days ahead – just to see if my new effort will have to deal with multiple nights of below 30’s temperatures. Will I need to water? Or is there enough rain in the forecast that I should hold off for a few days?

It is a different type of anticipation than I experience with my summer plantings. And the colors give a lift when I look out onto the patio. I feel Spectacular when I see them!

Another commitment? While not a new ‘thing’, it certainly contributes to the Spectacular quotient:  GETTING DRESSED!  I mean dressed up when I have to leave the house. Not over the top, after five dressed up. But more than tights and a sweater.  When I go grocery shopping, I’ve been dressing more like I’m going shopping with or having coffee with a girlfriend. It really makes me feel good – you know:  Spectacular. Doesn’t cost anything extra and the boost lasts for hours.

So, what have you committed to? What are you doing to bring some Spectacular into your days? Leave a comment or send me a message. Let me know what you are doing to bring the SaSS-Y!

Published by Coach Wanda McMullen

Executive Coach

2 thoughts on “I’m COMMITTED!

  1. My latest Spectacular discovery is an annual parking pass to Stone Mountain Park.I just moved to Stone Mountain from in-town Atlanta and thought, “why not, Stone Mountain Park is only 4.3 miles and an easy trip?” My dog, Bart, and I go walking there. I feel so relaxed when we get home.


    1. Hi, Sandy! Stone Mountain Park is wonderful! Lucky you – living so close. You and Bart have a Spectacular neighborhood amenity! Enjoy your walks and exploration. Let me know when you hike to the top; I know you will enjoy the view.


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