As a kid, we would call NEXT! if we wanted the next open spot in a game, at the jump rope, or jacks, or on the play-ground rides. I encourage you to think NEXT in your quest for SaSS-Y! Yes, NEXT! 

Do not reach for the dress or blouse you just returned to the closet. Instead, reach for the next one, the one you have not worn for a while. If you’re like me, it may be a little snug. So go for the next, or the next. But whatever you do, refuse to return to the same old thing. After all, you are Spectacular. You deserve to be clothed in anything but the hum-drum, everyday item you were about to put on.

Yes, you have a favorite grocery. But the chain has many locations. So…… go to the next one on their list of ‘nearby’ stores. Sure, the brands are the same. The store layout may be similar. But YOU are new to that scene. Yes, Spectacular YOU!  New people at the deli counter. In the florist shop. The produce section. At check out. Yes, you there to give them a taste of someone new. Someone different. Someone Spectacular: YOU!

Next time you pick up the TV remote, check out the next station on the listing, not your regular channel. What could happen?  You spend a half-hour seeing and hearing something totally new. Or maybe slightly different. What is important is that you give yourself an opportunity to explore. To stretch just a little. To see Spectacular in a different way. 

So, as you return from the grocery store that was NEXT on the list – don’t make the usual turn as you approach home. Instead, go a little further and make the NEXT right turn. Explore a little. Live a little. That’s the SaSS-Y! way. NEXT!

Published by Coach Wanda McMullen

Executive Coach

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