This says it all!

Yes, this phrase says it all.

A colleague shared this at work one Friday morning. How fitting for our Spectacular lives.

It is our belief that forms our impressions. It is our belief that makes our lives spectacular. It is our belief that living alone does not mean we are lonely.

So, as we settle in with the latest ‘must read’ book. Or dress for the weekly grocery trip. Or lace our shoes for the solo walk to the park. Whatever the task: we do it convinced, determined, defiant, Spectacular!

Because that is exactly what we are: Sixty and Specularly Solo -Yes!

Published by Coach Wanda McMullen

Executive Coach

2 thoughts on “This says it all!

  1. That is so true. Being alone and being lonely are two different things. We all have our purposes in life and are all vital to our planet.


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