We have reflected, connected, committed, and transformed. All on the way to Spectacular. Reached out to old friends. Rekindled faded relationships. Examined ourselves. Determined what kind of SaSS-Y! we want to be.

But what about the Spectacular that we used to be? What have we put away, forgotten of our Spectacular past?

I recently shifted through boxes of ‘stuff’. Some of it old, some of it ancient. But it was all my ‘stuff’.

Stuff I had forgotten. Accomplishments. Accolades from customers, clients, and colleagues. Talking points from speeches I had delivered. Souvenir programs – with my name as participant or honoree. Workbooks from workshops I conducted. Proposals that were prepared at client request.

So many sparking moments in my past that I had allowed to become dim. I put them away in dark, dusty boxes.  Forgot they ever occurred. Lost them in the sea of time.

Woman Is Walking On The Beach, Walk On The Beach

Well. They have been liberated. Revived. Brought back to life. And they have given me new life. As I thought back on those events, those interactions – I felt myself back in the moments they occurred. I felt surges of Spectacular that increased with the opening of each folder, envelope, and program book.  I saw myself anew in the old photos and bio posts.

What about you? What of your Spectacular self needs to be re-introduced? Which moments of light do you need to uncover? With whom will you Re-Connect when you look back on your past? Who will emerge when you open those dusty boxes and allow the Spectacular YOU to shine through?  

Published by Coach Wanda McMullen

Executive Coach

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