On the Way to SaSS-Y!

SaSS-Y! is a state of mind. One would think it would be a short time before arriving there. But for many it is not. That is because we have to ‘un – do’ before we can make the ‘new’.

I have been watching re-runs of the HGTV show Home Town. Ben and Erin Napier work together to transform older structures into something spectacular. They focus on bringing out the best in what may have been neglected or overlooked. They use reclaimed materials when possible. But they always focus on what will enhance the vision that has been established.

Much like the journey to Spectacular! We are working to bring out the best in what may have been overlooked or neglected. We want to reclaim the bright, the shiny, the sparkling about ourselves.

We want to establish a vision, dress it up and put our Spectacular selves out there for the world.

Put your Spectacular self out there!  SaSS-Y!

Published by Coach Wanda McMullen

Executive Coach

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