Independence Day!

Fireworks, Pyrotechnics, New Year, Festival

The United States is celebrating independence this weekend. Liberation from the rule of another country. Rejecting the notions that others had for how the county should live, move forward. 

Have you liberated yourself? Have you granted yourself independence from the notions imposed by others as to how your life should be?

The joy of living solo means you have the luxury of doing/being what/who ever YOU want to be!

Living the SaSS-Y! life allows you to go about your life in a way that feels good to YOU!

Want to sing off-key at the top of your lungs? – Do it! Mis-matched socks? Last year’s lipstick shades? The music you listened to in high school? Whatever makes you feel good is what you should do for YOU!

Liberate yourself!  Give yourself permission to live the life you envision! That is SPECTACULAR!

Here’s to you and YOUR joyful independence!

Published by Coach Wanda McMullen

Executive Coach

2 thoughts on “Independence Day!

  1. Good thoughts, Wanda! I find the ideas that I need to free my mind from are not always what others impose on me rather restrictive ideas I impose on myself, who knew???


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