One of my fondest childhood memories is of afternoon drives with my Grandfather. Every once in a while he would gather the grands on a Sunday and drive out into the country-side. Sometimes it was with my siblings. Others included my cousins. But regardless of who else was along, it was going to be a grand time!

Those were the days before seatbelts. The days before electric windows. The days of huge steering wheels and shiny hubcaps. I remember a number of different cars, but most were Chevrolet®. Always clean, with gigantic windows; front, side and back.

I always enjoyed time with my Grandfather. But these drives were extra special. Often we would stop at Dairy Queen®!   I thought it was the best ice cream!  So soft, with the delicate curl at the top of the cone. It was never too hard, never too cold. Always. Just right. Spectacular!

Maybe that is where I developed my desire for a spectacular life. The joy of a Sunday afternoon ride in the country, sweetened by a Dairy Queen® treat.

Joy in the simple things in life. Time with special people. Warm memories of cherished events.

Dig down in your treasure chest of memoires. Find those SPECTACULAR moments and live them all over again.

Let’s hear it for the SPECTACULAR life! Let’s hear it for the SaSS-Y Women!

Published by Coach Wanda McMullen

Executive Coach

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