A Little About Me

Coach Wanda McMullen

Hey! Coach Wanda

I’m Coach Wanda: a life long introvert. I am in my sixties and enjoy living alone. And I want you to, as well.

I was raised in the mid-West, then ventured to Washington DC where I worked in the computer world. After almost ten years, I made my way to the Atlanta area and it has been my home since 1992.

Metro-Atlanta is a vibrant area, rich with cultural, educational, sports and entertainment options. I think it might also be the food capital of the world; just about any cuisine is available for sampling. There are parks, trails and many opportunities to experience the outdoors. I miss the festivals, fairs and parades and look forward to enjoying them again in 2022.

For now I enjoy the other things that bring me contentment; completion of a jigsaw puzzle, a successful attempt with a new recipe and finishing a book from the ‘someday I’m going to read this’ stack. (lot of my reading focuses on healthy aging.) A walk through the neighborhood or to a nearby park gets my blood flowing and gives me the benefit of a cardiac workout. Cut flowers create a wonderful aura in the house. And there is always music: jazz and blues, the R&B of my youth, and the occasional classical piece.

One of the skills I developed as an executive coach is helping people view their situation from a different prospective, to see themselves in a different light and envision a path leading to the outcome they desire: a spectacular life.

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