Sixty and Spectacularly Solo – Yes!


As a kid, we would call NEXT! if we wanted the next open spot in a game, at the jump rope, or jacks, or on the play-ground rides. I encourage you to think NEXT in your quest for SaSS-Y! Yes, NEXT!  Do not reach for the dress or blouse you just returned to the closet.Continue reading “NEXT!”


 Are you ready for CHANGE? Isn’t It what we all want? A change from the dull, mundane, lack-luster, boring, day-to-day dreary. Waiting. Wondering.  When will it happen?  Well,  change you will have. As soon as YOU change!  Yes, you. CHANGE. Life will never be sassy if you don’t believe it is. You will never feelContinue reading “Change?”


Yes, 2021 is here and I am fully committed to making this a Spectacular year. I’ve already embarked upon my NEW thing: winter gardening. I live in a high-rise. So a large garden is out of the question. I have some hanging boxes on the patio that sometimes have flowers in the summer. And tryContinue reading “I’m COMMITTED!”

3 easy ways to kick start your Spectacular New Year

Eat! Feeling Spectacular means eating in a healthy way. Think through your food selections. Make your nutrition choices something worthy of the Spectacular life you will be living! That means you quit the all-day snacking. Stop reaching for the junk food. And forget about skipping meals. Feel better about your life by feeding your bodyContinue reading “3 easy ways to kick start your Spectacular New Year”

I am a newbie!

I am new at blogging. So please: cut me some slack as I work to master the skills! I have always been an introvert. But for most of my life I have had to show up in a more extroverted way. And those extrovert skills are slowly eroding as I bask in the comfort ofContinue reading “I am a newbie!”

I’ll be around!

Look for posts twice a month during 2021. I’m sure we can find plenty of ways to spectacularize our lives during the year. After all we have some history to draw on. Supporting one another never goes out of style. And we can use our individual wit to develop a cadre of Spectacular, sixtyish women.Continue reading “I’ll be around!”

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