Are you ready for CHANGE?

Isn’t It what we all want? A change from the dull, mundane, lack-luster, boring, day-to-day dreary. Waiting. Wondering.  When will it happen?  Well,  change you will have.

As soon as YOU change!  Yes, you. CHANGE. Life will never be sassy if you don’t believe it is. You will never feel spectacular if you don’t believe that you are. You are the key to the change you want in your life.

Move something around. Take a chair from this room and move it to that. Put the TV on the other wall. Change the plants around. Better yet – switch pots! Eat breakfast at dinner time. Turn the curtains outside in.  Change something, Anything. But most important:  change your attitude.  Surprising how spectacular you feel once you decide to feel spectacular!

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” – Viktor Frankl

Give change a chance. Let me know what you do and how you feel.  YOU are Spectacular!


Yes, 2021 is here and I am fully committed to making this a Spectacular year.

I’ve already embarked upon my NEW thing: winter gardening. I live in a high-rise. So a large garden is out of the question. I have some hanging boxes on the patio that sometimes have flowers in the summer. And try to keep some herbs in pots. The herb pots are indoors now. But I decided the hanging boxes would come to life this winter. 

On January 1st, I planted poppies. They do well in cooler temperatures and come in a variety of colors. Each morning I am eager to see if they made it through the cold night. I find that I am checking the weather reports a few days ahead – just to see if my new effort will have to deal with multiple nights of below 30’s temperatures. Will I need to water? Or is there enough rain in the forecast that I should hold off for a few days?

It is a different type of anticipation than I experience with my summer plantings. And the colors give a lift when I look out onto the patio. I feel Spectacular when I see them!

Another commitment? While not a new ‘thing’, it certainly contributes to the Spectacular quotient:  GETTING DRESSED!  I mean dressed up when I have to leave the house. Not over the top, after five dressed up. But more than tights and a sweater.  When I go grocery shopping, I’ve been dressing more like I’m going shopping with or having coffee with a girlfriend. It really makes me feel good – you know:  Spectacular. Doesn’t cost anything extra and the boost lasts for hours.

So, what have you committed to? What are you doing to bring some Spectacular into your days? Leave a comment or send me a message. Let me know what you are doing to bring the SaSS-Y!

Two things guaranteed to get your new year off to a Spectacular start!

First – leave the old year on a good note.  Sure, there is plenty about 2020 that may have left bruises and not-so-fond memories. But be honest, it was not totally bad. Think about some of the more pleasant happenings and cement them into your memory.  Two for me?

I love jigsaw puzzles. I completed one that I found to be incredibly challenging.  All 1,000 pieces were the same shape. There were only five colors for the pieces. AND: the picture on the box did not reflect the completed puzzle. Yes, I felt Spectacular when it was completed! So Spectacular that I decide to frame the completed work as a memento!

I planned a trip to Greece as a birthday treat. Of course, I was not able visit the Greek Isles in person, but I found a way to MAKE the trip for myself. I filled eight days with all the Greek I could find.  Greek movies, Greek cooking shows, Greek travel programs. Each day I ate Greek food. I ordered some meals from Greek restaurants and others I prepared myself. (Some of those cooking shows were a big help!) I sat on the patio in the afternoon sun, imagining the clouds drifting by were floating over the Mediterranean Sea.

Bottom line: I can look back on 2020 with some fond memories. Take time to find a few for yourself before you close the door on the year gone by.

 OK, what is the second thing to do for the new year? Do something NEW! Yes, commit to something new in the new year. Not a resolution, but a commitment to one thing you have never done. It could be:

  • learn a few phrases of a new language
  • try a new exercise program
  • master a new aspect of technology
  • prepare a new dish or beverage
  • master a new skill
  • take up a new hobby
  • the list goes on and on!

Whatever you choose – commit to do it as a start to making this year Spectacular!  There are plenty of resources: public library, television, internet, YouTube, LinkedIn, MasterClass, etc.  

Write it down, shout it out, text to friends or post to Facebook. It doesn’t matter. But commit to one thing that will make this YOUR Spectacular year!

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