I am a newbie!

I am new at blogging. So please: cut me some slack as I work to master the skills!

I have always been an introvert. But for most of my life I have had to show up in a more extroverted way. And those extrovert skills are slowly eroding as I bask in the comfort of aloneness. I need a method to exercise and strengthen those skills.

That is why, in my sixties am I venturing into this new endeavor. A way to help myself while (I hope) helping others. Sort of like coaching, but without a specific client.

I want to be a catalyst! (More about McCatalyst Co at a later time.) To provide others a way to move their life in a direction that is more Spectacular. A SaSS-Y! way of thinking.

Well. not just any others. Primarily women, in their sixties that live alone. Anyone can join in, comment or make suggestions. But please don’t feel put-off if things don’t resonate with you. ‘Cause everything isn’t for everybody!’ 😉

Speaking of joining in: Please feel free to follow my blog (at the bottom of the blog page). That way new posts come directly to your mailbox as soon as they are published.

I’ll be around!

Look for posts twice a month during 2021. I’m sure we can find plenty of ways to spectacularize our lives during the year. After all we have some history to draw on. Supporting one another never goes out of style. And we can use our individual wit to develop a cadre of Spectacular, sixtyish women.

Alone is lonely no more! Join me in warding off the doldrums! It is time for your light to shine! Sixty and Spectacularly Solo – Yes!

Looking for a way to Spectacularize this holiday season? Send me an email from the contact page. Just type the word ‘GIFT’ in the message box. And I’ll send you 6 Ways to Merry Your 2020 Christmas. A gift from me to you – to brighten your holiday season.